Keep getting "The Paramater is Incorrect" I think im following microsofts method correctly but its not working, any help is greatly appriciated.

                    New-ADGroup -DisplayName $name -Name $grpName -Server server.org -Path:'DC=server,DC=org' `

-GroupCategory Distribution -GroupScope DomainLocal -Description $desc -OtherAttributes @{'mail'=$email;'gidNumber'=$gid}}

The microsoft page shows you need to use the semi-colon to seperate values,

so im using

  -OtherAttributes @{'mail'=$email;'gidNumber'=$gid}}

is this wrong? without the gidNumber is works fine

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    Ah.. found that my gID was too long.. :) – user3413377 Aug 13 '15 at 15:47

I had no problem with gidNumber in otherAttribues w/ multiple attributes, except that I needed to specify group scope. - try specify group scope too - using a newer version of powershell - make sure your $gid is valid (not out of range etc.)

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