I have the following simple script which I'm using to push some files to a number of Win7 and Server2008 machines. In most cases the local user has no password. However the scripts fails because I'm trying to write through the admin share (c$). What is the most simple way to pass a user for each host machine in the ip.txt?

Also if I'm on a domain how simple is it to modify the script to authenticate with a user and password.

 Write-Host 'Deploy Tools'

    $reader = [System.IO.File]::OpenText("c:\scripts\ip.txt")
    try {
        for(;;) {
            $line = $reader.ReadLine()
            if ($line -eq $null) { break }  
                echo "**** files being copied to: $line ****"
                xcopy c:\scripts\tools  \\$line\c$\windows\system32\ /Y
    finally {

Since you are already calling a non-PowerShell command (xcopy), you could as well call another one:

net use \\$server\c$ /user:$username $password
xcopy c:\scripts\tools  \\$server\c$\windows\system32\ /Y

As for storing usernames and passwords in your input file, you can do that quite easily by using the CSV format and the Import-Csv cmdlet.

Also, see this StackOverflow question.

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