I installed nagios on Centos and I also want to enable NSCA on the host. The client is already configured and is sending data (I can see it when I tail the logs). However, I'm seeing the following error message in the log by NSCA

Command file '/var/nagios/rw/nagios.cmd' does not exist, attempting to use alternate dump file '/var/nagios/rw/nsca.dump' for output

I browsed to /var/ and there was no "nagios" folder. So I created one. I also created a /rw/ folder. I restarted nagios but nagios.cmd wasn't created. I did a chown and chgrp to nagios on those folder but that didn't help.

First off, how come /var/nagios/rw/ was never created during the installation? Can someone think of a way make this work so nagios creates the nagios.cmd file (NSCA is looking for it to input data)?



For the next foolio....The actual path to the nagios.cmd is /var/spool/nagios. Once I set the right path in the NSCA.cfg file, everything started working. Remember, that nsca puts in a file nsca.dump which has all the data. nsca.dump needs to consumed by nagios.cmd.

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