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Let's say we have a domain example.com

  1. Domain registrar : NAME.COM
  2. Web Host : IPAGE.COM
  3. Email Host : GMAIL (Google Apps)

My understanding is that:

  • I should add MX records to use Gmail (clear)
  • I must add A record to use Ipage hosting (clear)

What should be the Nameserver values? Should I keep the nameserver values of NAME.COM or change them to IPAGE nameserver values? And is it necessary to change nameservers?

UPDATE: I wanna make everything clear before I make actual changes.

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    The NS records should be pointing at the same DNS servers that you've configured with your registrar, i.e. the DNS servers that host the data for your domain. I suspect you're confused by why you're having to define this in two separate locations, so I'm flagging this as a duplicate of a Q&A explaining this from a technical standpoint. – Andrew B Aug 23 '15 at 16:55

After not finding a satisfactory answer I gave try to the concepts already mentioned in the question:

  1. I set MX records to Gmail (Google Apps)
  2. I set A record to Ipage (Where website is hosted)

But to do that, I first had to set Nameservers to default nameservers of Name.com

Now my:

  1. DNS host is name.com
  2. Website host ipage.com
  3. Email server Gmail (Google apps)

And everything is working like a charm.

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