I need help to configure a box for DDOS protection and provide external ip addresses to "internal" (which aren't really internal) servers. I have 32 IP addresses from my ISP.

I want to configure a linux box with DDOS protection and put servers behind that box. Everything using those IP addresses. Something like this:

ISP <---> Anti-DDOS / Gateway <---> serverA/serverB/serverC/etc... xx.xx.xx.190 xx.xx.xx.189 xx.xx.xx.171 -> xx.xx.xx.188

To be precise, i still didn't started to configure the boxes and i already found a similar topic here but for ipv6.

Note: The servers need to have the public ips configured (No NAT or private IPs are to be used). Note 2: No, my ISP doesn't provide me a DDOS protection.

What you recomend for software and configuration? My operating systems are Linux Debian only but can use others OS (no windows please!)



There are multiple ways to achieve this. For example by making a Linux Bridge (follow this tutorial for a bit). Another way is (for example) making a loadbalancer with IPVS (you can then bind the external IPs on the loopback interface on each client).

  • Hello Jeroen. Thanks for your reply and suggestion. On that Linux Bridge can i have some kind of DDOS protection? What do you recomend? Actually i am using iptables with some sort of packet analysis with conn_track on another box. But i see it's not fully efficient. – Webix Aug 25 '15 at 8:39
  • We have a dedicated (hardware) DDoS appliance for that, because it has custom ASICs. The problem with a linux box is that it will be limited on interrupts / cpu processing. I would recommend using a really good quality NIC and run irqbalance (if not already). However, it will never be able to reach the performance that a specialized appliance has. To block and detect attacks, you can either write something yourself with IPtables or use firewall packages (CSF). There are also commercial solutions like Clavister (software). – Jeroen Aug 25 '15 at 10:07
  • Thanks for your suggestion. But after having invested in so many dedicated servers, there's no more budget this year for a dedicated DDoS appliance. I can manage to make the bridge but i don't see how can i integrate the CSF (or any other) on that. – Webix Aug 25 '15 at 13:19

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