I have bought a dedicated server from DigitalOcean and built a website using WordPress. I have a video of 822Mb; I want to add this video to a page of my website such that visitors can directly watch this video on the page.

It seems that the steps to follow are:

  1. upload the video to the server, and get a URL
  2. add a video player plugin of WordPress, which permits of playing the video from the URL.

If this is the right approach, my question is about the first step:

  • how to upload an 822Mb video
  • where to put it (/var/www/wordpress/html/wp-content/uploads/ ?)
  • what will be its URL?

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upload your video via sftp, ftp or ssh. Move the video on a place with access/read permissions on the server... if your main site on the www.mydomain.com is /var/www/wordpress/ put the file on this directory. The URL is like www.mydomain.com/video.mp4. all depends of the directory permission on your site (ngix configuration).

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