When treating a Domino Server as a web server, a form containing the Username and Password of a user can be posted to a URL with the ?Login command to perform user authentication.

By default, the authentication searches through the names.nsf database, searching for a user by the same username. If the usernames match, then the passwords are compared (the submitted password is hashed and compared with the stored one). If a match is found, then user authentication is successful.

My question is whether it is possible to customize the web authentication algorithm. For example, is it possible to re-program it to search a database other than names.nsf, perform different password hashing if you are using a different type of password encryption, etc.


Yes, it is possible. Domino has a built-in feature called Directory Assistance that you can use to configure it to use LDAP servers or other databases. And you can do anything you want using the DSAPI support in the Notes C API Toolkit.

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