I bought a domain from godaddy.

If I want to buy SSL certificate should I have to buy the SSL from godaddy ?

Or I can buy the SSL certificate from any seller then applied it to the domain that I bought from godaddy?

Will it be more complicated or conflict if I do so ?

I gonna deploy the SSL to EC2 instances of ELB.

And currently I use route53 to point to ELB


It doesn't matter who you buy your certificate from, as long as it is a from a Certificate Authority that is recognized by your clients.

In truth the only difference between your self-signed certificate, a free certificate or one generated by a well known public Certificate Authority lies in how inherently trusted it is by your users.

So again, no, shop around for the best deal on a certificate from trusted vendors, you are in no way bound to stay with GoDaddy.

  • Hi @Reaces, thanks very much, so did you mean i can buy a SSL for the domain http://sample.co from Godaddy right ? because the SSL is too expensive on Godaddy, im worry about how the SSL vendor know the domain is owned by me – user3675188 Aug 27 '15 at 9:36
  • Simple validation that you're in charge of domain example.co.uk by SSL certificate resellers is done by sending the certificate either an specific <admin user>@example.co.uk e-mail address or the owner found in the Whois details of the domain. – HBruijn Aug 27 '15 at 9:54
  • 1
    @HBruijn I think you forgot an @user there. – Reaces Aug 27 '15 at 9:55

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