I have installed SQL Server 2014 named instance and configured to connect on static port 1433(Default SQL port).

For example:


But it's able to connect to the default instance without any port (the default instance, which I didn't install and which is not present in SQL Server configuration manager).

i.e. I am able to connect with this string:


Can anyone help figure out this issue and stop the default instance?


Issue the command:


on both instances and compare the output. It should be the same. SQL Server doesn't install a "default instance" without your permission.

If you didn't install a "default instance," SQL is helpfully pointing your connection request to db.mycompany.com\SQL2015,1433. Because that's clearly what you meant. ;)

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    Thanks ! I was using port 1433 in Named instance,which is the port for Default instance.That was the issue. – Rahul C Sep 3 '15 at 7:52

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