I'm building a DR infrastructure using 4 Servers, 2 Eternus Fujitsu and Brocade 300 Switches. All configurations are done: zoning, paths, LUNs and so on.

I have a situation: When I create a file from one server, none of the others three see the file. Neither refreshing or rescanning disks.

On the events panel I see:

"A corruption was discovered in the file system structure on volume G:. The exact nature of the corruption is unknown. The file system structures need to be scanned online."

Can someone help me to figure out the problem?


Presumably you're using regular NTFS without any form of cluster file management? If so the issues you're facing are simple - NTFS on it's own is not a 'cluster-aware filesystem', each server thinks it has complete control of every disk block and will therefore not play nicely with others.

What you need to do is use Windows Clustering/MSDTC to manage the file locking or use a third-party solution such as Veritas Storage Foundation for Windows. Anything else will cause immediate corruption as you mention.

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