I am trying to automate backing up an SVN server on my G5 running 10.5 Leopard. I already have Time Machine set up.

I figured it would be best to exclude the SVN repository from Time Machine, and manually make a backup of the repository (perhaps using tar) in a directory that Time Machine can see. Is that necessary, or can I just let Time Machine backup the SVN repository as-is?

If not, I have already created a set of shell scripts for shutting down svnserve, making the tarball, and restarting svnserve respectively. I can run all three from the command line just fine. I also recreated a fourth "nightly" script that calls all three in sequence. This also runs fine on the command line. However, I can't seem to get launchd to run the script properly and it's driving me crazy. I can't seem to get launchd to start logging anything, and I've followed Apple's advice exactly. How can I get launchd to start logging, and how should I configure a bash script to run when called from launchd?


I'm not that familiar with time machine to be honest, but I know that just dumping an SVN repository back in place isn't really a restore.

What we do is an SVN DUMP into a folder, and then we added that folder to our backup routine. The SVN DUMP runs about 30 minutes before the nightly backup.

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