*I have the below mount which is coming from EMC storage and uses powerpath drivers .Now Storage has resized this to 1.5 TB , is it possible to resize this in host without any downtime .

[root@xxxxxxx emcpowera]# powermt display dev=emcpowera

Pseudo name=emcpowera
VNX ID=xxxxxx

Logical device ID=dsdsdsdsdsdsds11 [xxxxxx

state=alive; policy=CLAROpt; queued-IOs=0


[root@xxxxemcpowera]# df -hP /orcl_bkup

Filesystem                             Size  Used Avail Use% Mounted on

/dev/mapper/vg_orcl_bkup-lv_orcl_bkup  886G  779G   99G  89% /orcl_bkup

[root@xxxxxxx emcpowera]# pvs | grep -i powera

 /dev/emcpowera vg_orcl_bkup     lvm2 a--  900.00g     0

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the only thing you need to do after you resized the luns in your storage is, echo 1 > /sys/block/<subpath>/device/rescan for every subpath of emcpowera

Now you need to tell to your server, the size of /dev/emcpowera has changed, use sfdisk -R /dev/emcpowera

If you are using /dev/emcpowera as physical volume, use pvresize /dev/emcpowera, after this you can resize your logical volume and the filesystem


Assuming this is some sort of linux, you can follow a procedure to rescan the drive, see the new space, and increase the filesystem. It might vary from distro to distro, though, so you might need to look at the documentation.

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