I'm trying to block/allow access to a particular vhost based on string matching of the HTTP user agent name.

The version number of the application in the HTTP user agent changes, e.g.

My%20App/1.55.01 CFNetwork/711.5.6 Darwin/14.0.0
My%20App/1.49.03 CFNetwork/711.5.6 Darwin/14.0.0
My%20App/1.35.02 CFNetwork/711.5.6 Darwin/14.0.0

I want to match everything starting with My%20App/ - anything that matches should be allowed access, anything else should get HTTP 403.

I don't want to have to update the nginx config every time a new version of the app comes along.

The following works fine:

if ($http_user_agent !~* "My%20App/1.55.01 CFNetwork/711.5.6 Darwin/14.0.0") {
    return 403;

I figure I need a solution that involves hat (^) for "starts with" but I can't get nginx to accept anything I've tried.

Thanks in advance.

  • What's wrong with simple if ($http_user_agent !~ "^My App/") { return 403; }
    – Alexey Ten
    Sep 7 '15 at 7:31

Turns out that the following works.

if ($http_user_agent !~* "My%20App/*") {
    return 403;

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