If I have 3 domains hosted on single linux based mail server that are domain1.com, domain2.com and domain3.com.and I have *.domain1.com signed ssl certificate.

Is there way I can use the same single ssl certificate for all domains for services POP3-SSL ,IMAP-SSL and SMTP-SSL.

Is there way to do url forwarding for pop,imap and smtp in DNS console by configuring somethind as below
pop.domain2.com ==> pop.domain1.com
smtp.domain2.com --> smtp.domain1.com
imap.domain2.com --> imap.domain1.com
pop.domain3.com ==> pop.domain1.com
smtp.domain3.com--> smtp.domain1.com
imap.domain3.com--> imap.domain1.com


You need a cert with Subject Alternative Names for all hostnames in question.

A wildcard certificate or any other method will not help you. This likely means you need to buy a new cert.

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