I have two disks - one xGB and one (2x)GB. I would like to have one mountpoint from these disks under raid0 and one under raid1, spread over the total available space. Is that possible with btrfs without creating two fixed-size primary partitions on each disk?

What I would like is this layout:

disk1 |< -- /home (raid1) -- >< -- /backups (raid0) -- >|
disk2 |< -- /home (raid1) -- >< -- /backups (raid0) ----------------------- >|

Each mount point should expand as necessary.


No, that is not available in btrfs, as of October 2015 at least.

This feature, known as per-subvolume raid levels, is commonly requested.

The official FAQ says this is planned for the future, but I haven't seen anything predicting when.

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