So suppose in a very specific hiera YAML file I define a variable, such as "env_name".

env_name: "dev-unstable"

Now in a more general hiera file I'd like to interpolate that variable into a string.

server_name: "service-%{env_name}.%{::domain}"

My testing seems to imply that hiera variables from elsewhere in the hierarchy aren't made available for interpolation in general cases. Is that true, unfortunately?


You can use Hiera lookup functions within Hiera. Documentation here: https://docs.puppetlabs.com/hiera/1/variables.html#using-lookup-functions

In your case you would use:

server_name: "service-%{hiera('env_name')}.%{::domain}"

This is a priority lookup and will get the value for the key env_name from the highest (most specific) hierarchy level in which it finds the key.

This requires Hiera 1.3 or higher.


For Hiera 5, used in Puppet 5, use the following syntax:

server_name: "service-%{lookup('env_name')}.%{::domain}"

...where %{lookup('env_name')} is the part that gets the data from other hiera key.


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    Note: save yourself an hour and notice that there is a Puppet lookup function and a Hiera lookup function with different signatures. The documentation is not clear about this (just includes a subnote) and as a reader, it is very difficult to search for one or the other. – Jonathan Komar Oct 8 '20 at 8:03

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