I get the error:

(error) NOAUTH Authentication required.

When in redis-cli and trying to display the KEYS *. I've only set a requirepass not an auth afaiac. I'm in the redis.conf but do not know what to do.


Setting the requirepass configuration directive causes the server to require password authentication with the AUTH command before sending other commands. The redis.conf file states that clearly:

Require clients to issue AUTH before processing any other
commands. This might be useful in environments in which you do not trust
others with access to the host running redis-server.

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    so, what are the exact steps to fix the problem? – Serge May 20 at 8:52
1. redis-cli
2. auth yourpassword
3. shutdown
4. sudo service redis_6379 start
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    Simple, concise, and to the point! – Edd Mar 5 at 20:55
  1. Make sure you have redis-cli installed.
  2. Just use following command.

    redis-cli -h host.domain.com -p port -a yourpassword


comment requirepass (line 480 mostly) in redis.conf file if uncommented.

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