I have a multipress wordpress set up on a server at wp.aaa.bbb.edu. This address is not publicly accessible. Each individual site's url shows up as: wp.aaa.bbb.edu/newsite, wp.aaa.bbb.edu/newsite2, wp.aaa.bbb.edu/newsite3, etc . I want one of those sites to be accessible through another url (which is public) like aaa.bbb.edu/newsite. When users start navigating through pages, I want them to see only that url.

For example, even though the real url may be wp.aaa.bbb.edu/newsite/wp-admin or wp.aaa.bbb.edu/newsite/blog-post-title, I want users to see those url's as aaa.bbb.edu/newsite/wp-admin or aaa.bbb.edu/newsite/blog-post-title.

On the server that has aaa.bbb.edu/newsite, I added this to apache2/sites-enabled/proxy.conf:


Order deny,allow

Allow from all

ProxyPass /newsite http://wp.aaa.bbb.edu/newsite

ProxyPassReverse /newsite http://wp.aaa.bbb.edu/newsite

This kind of acted like a redirect. When I would try to visit wp2.aaa.bbb.edu/newsite, I would get directed to wp2.aaa.bbb.edu. And aaa.bbb.edu/newsite was just forbidden. It wasn't a permissions issues. Any help or suggestions about mods, or a completely different approach, would be awesome. Thank you.

So essentially, I want a reverse proxy so users can access a wordpress that is not publicly available while rewriting urls.


I think you should check the configuration on wp.aaa.bbb.edu/newsite, if you're answering aaa.bbb.edu/newsite/wp-admin as a valid answer to HTTP request in this server, you should be able to see the website. For example, I have this in a server on my network:

ServerName proyectos.tchile.com
     ProxyPass /
     ProxyPassReverse /

So, the site known as proyectos.tchile.com is on my private network. The reference is in other public Apache server.

Also, you should check a DNS config for aaa.bbb.edu, the CNAME or A answers.

  • Would you mind explaining what you mean when you say "CNAME or A answers?" I'm unsure of what this is. – Michaela Sep 22 '15 at 22:15

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