I'm on my local machine. I'm a dev guy with no idea about ops. After selecting us-east-1 for my region after running eb init on the command line, I get this:

ERROR: The current user does not have the correct permissions. 
Reason: Operation Denied. Signature not yet current: 
20150922T194753Z is still later than 20150922T194701Z (20150922T194201Z + 5 min.)

I've looked around for answers and it appears it's a time zone issue experienced by others after their applications are already deployed and they solved the problem by syncing the time zones of their already launched EC2 instances. But, I haven't deployed to EB yet, and I don't have an associated EC2 instance. I tried aligning my system clock and time zone to us-east-1's time zone using sudo dpkg-reconfigure tzdata but the error persists.

So how do I get past this?


Your problem is not a timezone issue. If it was a timezone issue, then the time difference would be in increments of hours rather than minutes.

Your system clock is 5 minutes, 52 seconds ahead of Amazon's clock, which is greater than the variance allowed by Amazon's signature algorithm (5 minutes).

Compare your system time against a known good reference, such as http://www.timeanddate.com/worldclock/ and set your clock correctly. Most likely, you'll see that your clock is 6 minutes ahead.

If you set your clock 6 minutes back, your commands should execute correctly.

  • To set clock correctly, launch this comman : sudo hwclock --hctosys – elhostis Dec 6 '16 at 8:58

Set your system clock and time zone selection, on your local machine, correctly.

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