Best alternative of ctrl-alt-1 -> top or sudo iotop in Windows?


Sometimes a server or workstation might seem to hang, due to either cpu-bottleneck or disk-bottleneck. How do I diagnose this the quickest and easiest on Windows? I'm looking for something which is available even if the system is on it's knees, for example the built in task-manager or procexp (the sysinternals tool) is too heavy. And it needs to be quick.

Or do I have to accept that it's not possible to work in a *nix:y way on Windows?

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You could use the Get-Process powershell cmd for CPU:

Get-Process | Sort-Object -Property CPU -Descending | Select-Object -First 10

With diskIO things won't be as simple I'm afraid. There are some really nice powershell tools out there though, for example: Learn how to use Windows PowerShell to simplify collecting performance information from your servers.

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