I have the following URLs:

  • www.example.com/data/images/13122013-002_IM1621.jpg
  • www.example.com/data/images/13122013-002_IM1622.jpg
  • www.example.com/data/images/13122013-002_IM1622.jpg

On the file system images are named:

  • 1621.jpg
  • 1622.jpg
  • 1623.jpg

What is the correct rewrite rule? I've tried:

location / {
rewrite ^/.*_IM(.*)$ /data/images/$1;

But I keep receiving a 404 error.


Change location to location ~ \.jpg$ (or to more specific path, but regex) and check.

Note that regex locations will be used in the order in config, not by "best match"

"/" might not work because it matches any request it will be used as a last resort (probably - we don't see your config)

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