We want to redirect all Lync voice chats ( Calls ) to an Elastix server.

We also want to disable lync built in Voice chats ( all voice communication - "included internal lync users" - through Elastix )

Our goal is "record" voice chats on a Central and server based solution Like elastix.

Is it possible ?

How we can do this ?

  • Do you want to disable, or redirect+record Lync calls? These two goals are mutually-exclusive. – gWaldo Oct 2 '15 at 12:04
  • @gWaldo our main goal is record internal lync users on Elastix . – Online24 Oct 2 '15 at 12:44

I don't think this is possible with Lync/Skype4Business alone.

You can change the default behavior - so PSTN/VOIP is the default vs. P2P

Set-CsclientPolicy EnableVoipCallDefault $true

This however does not remove the ability to make a P2P call and the client can override this setting. I'm not aware of a method to disable P2P calling option.

If you need to capture internal calls thru Lync you will most likely need a third party product that is installed on the servers like SmartTap

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