I'm running FreeNAS on a Mini-ITX Box at home. I have 3x3TB HDDs in a RAIDZ1 udev. Now I'm running out of space. I have space for one additional HDD in my case. I want to convert the 3x3TB RAIDZ1 into a 4x3TB RAIDZ1.

Can I do that without sending a snapshot to some other disk, then completely rebuild the vdev/zpool and restoring the snapshot? Are there any other options I am missing?


You cannot. The only way to increase space in raidz without rebuilding it is, while keeping the number of drives constant, to switch each drives to a bigger one and resilver each changed drive. After 3rd drive change and resilver you will get additional delta, equal to smallest space delta of one of the new drives.

  • +1 for BtrFS. Flamewar: ON :-). SCNR. – koloman Oct 3 '15 at 20:41
  • Never heard of it. Must be some academic beta of athoner one killer-fs. – drookie Oct 3 '15 at 20:46

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