What are the best options to setup the Ceph radosgw so it supports separate/independent "tenants"? What I'm after:

  1. Ensure isolation between tenants, ie: no overlap/conflict in bucket namespace; something separate radosgw "users" doesn't achieve
  2. Ability to backup/restore tenants' pools individually

Referring to the docs, it seems this could possibly be achieved with zones; one zone per tenant and leave out synchronization. Seems a little heavy handed and presumably the overhead is non-negligible.

Is this "supported"? Is there a better way?

I'm running Firefly. I'm also rather new to Ceph so apologies if this is already covered somewhere; kindly send pointers if so...


Since Ceph 10 (Jewel) RGW multi-tanancy is supported. It's purpose clearly covers your first wish: namespace isolation between tenants.

As for the second one, you can't place data of tenants into different pools.

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