I am getting a strange error with iRedAdmin and roundcube. After installing iRedAdmin, I checked sending mails etc. and everything worked fine. I recently changed the SSL keys and DirectoryRoot to /var/www/public it stops working and I get:

The requested URL /iredadmin was not found on this server.

How can I work around?

PS. I can login to roundcube email. But, email is not sent or received.

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I assume that you are trying to access it via https and not http? I recently ecountered this problem after I installed Let's Encrypt.

I added this lines in the vhost file for SSL:

Alias /cluebringer "/usr/share/postfix-cluebringer-webui/webui/"
Alias /iredadmin/static "/opt/www/iredadmin/static/"
WSGIScriptAlias /iredadmin "/opt/www/iredadmin/iredadmin.py/"
Alias /mail "/opt/www/roundcubemail/"
Alias /awstats/icon "/usr/share/awstats/icon/"
Alias /awstatsicon "/usr/share/awstats/icon/"
ScriptAlias /awstats "/usr/lib/cgi-bin/"

And just reload the config.

(I compared the old vhost files which I took a backup from before the installation of Let's Encrypt and found out that thoose line was missing)


If anyone has a similar issue where /iredadmin is showing not found after a proper install. open this file

nano /etc/apache2/conf-available/iredadmin.conf

uncomment the following lines

Alias /iredadmin/static "/opt/www/iredadmin/static/"
WSGIScriptAlias /iredadmin "/opt/www/iredadmin/iredadmin.py/"

Then do a sudo restart

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