I'm trying to install SQL Server 2005 Enterprise on Windows 2003 R2 SP2 (ESXi 5.0.0 guest). After installation of backward compatibility files and prior to MSXML6, I receive this error:

There was an unexpected failure during the setup wizard. You may review the setup logs and/or click the help button for more information.

This is a part of core log file containing error:

Running: InstallSqlAction.9 at: 2015/9/5 10:15:10
Installing: msxml6 on target: MONITORING
Error: Action "InstallSqlAction.9" threw an exception during execution.  Error information reported during run:
Target collection includes the local machine.
Invoking installPackage() on local machine.
Fatal Exception caught while installing package: "9"
        Error Code: 0x8007064a (1610)
Windows Error Text: The configuration data for this product is corrupt.  Contact your support personnel.

  Source File Name: sqlsetupactions\sqlsetuppackageutil.cpp
Compiler Timestamp: Mon Jun 13 14:30:05 2005
     Function Name: sqls::getPackageIsInstalled
Source Line Number: 50

---- Context -----------------------------------------------

WinException caught while installing package. : 1603
        Error Code: 0x80070643 (1603)
Windows Error Text: Fatal error during installation.

  Source File Name: packageengine\installpackageaction.cpp
Compiler Timestamp: Fri Jul  1 01:28:25 2005
     Function Name: sqls::InstallPackageAction::perform
Source Line Number: 167

It seems that configuration file has a problem, but what?! How can I fix this?

PS: The reason of installing SQL 2005 on Windows 2003 is that I have a network monitoring application which works only on this combination and can't upgrade to its latest version.

  • Have you tried downloading a new installer? – Reaces Oct 5 '15 at 7:35
  • Not so far. Will give it a try. – Mohammad Javahery Oct 5 '15 at 7:47
  • Tried it with no luck. – Mohammad Javahery Oct 5 '15 at 8:06

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