I'd like to move to nftables (Ubuntu trusty, kernel 3.19). However I wonder how to migrate ebtables rules for ARP packets:

-p ARP --arp-op Request --arp-ip-src --arp-mac-src 2:fb:c5:e0:ef:a3 -j ACCEPT

The command nft add rule bridge filter qemu1-o arp operation request counter accept works, however I can't figure out how to add the ip/mac contraints to the rule.


Unfortunately nftables have no implemented syntax for source and destination ipv4 address in arp tables right now.

Empirically I found out that the next expressions can be used instead:

  • plen 4 @nh,64,32 (source ip)
  • plen 4 @nh,96,32 (destination ip)

IPv4 address in value should be specified in decimal integer type.

You can use some online converter for get your IP-address to numeric format.

In your example will be 3232281325

So final rule will looks like:

nft add rule arp filter input arp operation request arp plen 4 @nh,64,32 3232281325 ether saddr 2:fb:c5:e0:ef:a3 counter accept

PS: You can use xtables-nft-multi from the last iptables package which provides nf_tables compat backend for import your old commands and check the new syntax.

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