I have generate public key and private key in windows 7 through puttygen then change the key to openssh in puttygen through export key. Now I want to use this openssh key to access my sftp server from RHEL 6. what kind of steps I need to take in RHEL so can use openssh key and access the sftp server. I am new thats why thanks for cooperation.

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With the user that you want to access the sftp server automatically, you need to first do an


This generates an ssh keypair. Press enter for all questions to accept the defaults.


This will make your sftp server trust your ssh key

Following this all ssh access to the sftp server will not prompt you to enter a password. Likewise, all scp's will not ask for a password. So you can fetch your files like so:



scp  /tmp/

This will bring John's files to the local directory /tmp

Hope this helps!


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