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I have a ldap server with the default schemas. Under some organizational unit I have entries that have the structural objectClass person and another two clasess uidObject and top.

I need to add an attribute to these entries called enabledServices and I want to store in it each service that the particular person has access to ( mostly for vpn ).

From what I understood so far, I can create a new objectClass that has only one attribute and I can add that class to my entries. My question is how I create such a class ?

My set-up involves slapd and phpldapadmin on an ubuntu machine.


You create a objectClass by adding a schema to OpenLDAP, schemata are documented at OpenLDAP schema documentation.

Please note:

  • Once written the schema file, I would be surprised if it could be added to directory with phpldapadmin. I would recommend the command line tools;
  • the examples in the documentation are in the old config format: you should convert them to the newer conf.d ldif format.
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