Can forfiles search multiple drives in the same command and create a text file of results? I have the following that works to show me the results in command prompt but what I really need is a .txt file that displays all the matches.

Also, if there was a way of searching C:\ and D:\ in the same instance?

forfiles /p c:\ /s /m XYZ*.* /d -15 /c "cmd /c echo @file is a txt file and older then 15 days

I have adjusted the line so that it outputs a text file in the folder that command prompt is opening from so that part is done but I am still trying to figure out how to scan the C: and the D: in the same command. The new line is:

forfiles /p c:\ /s /m XYZ*.* /d -15 /c "cmd /c echo @path" >outputC.txt

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I created a .bat file with the following text and it gave me what I was hoping to accomplish:

forfiles /p c:\ /s /m *XYZ*.* /d -15 /c "cmd /c echo @path" >outputC.txt

forfiles /p d:\ /s /m *XYZ*.* /d -15 /c "cmd /c echo @path" >outputD.txt

Separating the lines with the enter key created the two separate text output files.

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