The company I work for uses Citrix Receiver to handle our remote desktop (Windows 7 sadly). As far as I can tell, we aren't using XenDesktop (I've found solutions to this problem for that). We use version Screenshot1. Receiver itself looks like this: Screenshot2. When I open Remote Desktop and go to Display, there is no option to allow multiple screens: Screenshot3. Whenever I'm remoted in, it doesn't allow me to change the number of screens or anything. I found this thread with the same issue, however the accepted answer says something about modifying a .ica file, and I can't figure out where that is. When I first open receiver, I just provide the server name and my username and password.

I also don't have a chrome plugin installed.

Is there a confirg file or something I can change somewhere that will allow me to have multiple desktops? When I'm at my desk at work I have two screens and I have two screens at home, so it's painful to only be able to use one.

  • Try to move the Citrix-Receiver window so that part of it is on each screen. Then maximize that window. (Sounds weird, I know.) Does that work? – StackzOfZtuff Oct 9 '15 at 7:30

I believe, but I could be wrong, this was configured in the back-end (Citrix server side) to publish a multi-monitor RDP application as seen from my Citrix session below.

enter image description here

  • Hmmm, interesting. I asked our IT guy if it was possible and he just said "it's not possible with our current version" – Alex Kibler Oct 8 '15 at 18:33

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