We have a custom robots.txt in the root of our IIS cloud service Azure website that does not display correctly when navigating to www.oursite.com/robots.txt . A “different” robots.txt file displays containing:

User-agent: LinkChecker  
Allow: /  
User-agent: *  
Disallow: /  

We’ve tried:
1. Deleting robots.txt file in root – the incorrect robots.txt file still displays.
2. Add url-rewrite rule to web.config to display custom robots.txt – correct robots.txt will display for some time, then revert to different one

Any idea what is stepping on our custom robots.txt?


If you're using IIS management tools for maintenance, it seems that might already have it's own settings which it presumably overwrites - if you've not configured it in the appropriate place:
IIS Robots and Sitemap extension

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