I'm trying to get Kubernetes running on OSX.

I've downloaded and installed Docker Toolbox and have followed the instructions here.

When I try to run kubectl get nodes I get the following error:

error: couldn't read version from server: Get http://localhost:8080/api: dial tcp connection refused

I noticed that the guide has a note for OSX but it is for boot2docker which has been deprecated in favor of Docker Toolbox.

Any ideas how I can get this working?


Found the answer in a pull request on github.

This is for docker-machine version .4

docker-machine env default
ssh -f -T -N -L8080:localhost:8080 -l docker $(echo $DOCKER_HOST | cut -d ':' -f 2 | tr -d '/')

Type tcuser as the password.

You should now be able to successfully run kubectl get nodes

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