Here are my business needs:

  1. Server receives a noisy noisy.m4a file
  2. Server creates a noise-reduced noiseless.m4a file for further processing

I want this noise-reduction to be as fast as possible; hence, I'd like to avoid using ffmpeg to go from .m4a to .mp3 for SoX noise profiling, and back to .m4a after SoX outputs a .mp3.

Is it possible to compile and configure SoX for AAC support out of the box? My system is on Amazon Linux with the yum package manager - as simple a setup is of course, preferred to a laborious one.

If however, it is absolutely essential to couple ffmpeg with sox, then it'd be great to have a piped shell-command that avoids creating a bunch of scratchpad/temporary files.

Thanks for your time!

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