Get login prompt for SQL reporting services deployment.

I really just want to deploy a report.

I have -set my Web Service URL to be "ReportServer"

-I have tried several different service accounts.

-tried many different passwords for this dialog (but my understanding is if all is well you will not see this dialog)

What else do I need to try? What could I be doing wrong?

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SSRS for SQL 2008 always requests authentication. Use the Report Manager URL (servername/reports). Someone will need to give you access to the report server via the Report Server UI or SSMS connecting to he Report Server.

There's a bunch of log info in the ReportServer folder in C:\Program Files\Microsoft SQL Server\MSRS.MSSQLSERVER... that can show you why it's failing. Also check out the application log.


If i remember correctly there's a sqlserver2005ReportingServicesWebServicesUser$ windows group. Try adding your admin in there. The rest of the security settings should be available from the reporting services page

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