I need to replace or rebuild our old mail list server. This isn't a high volume list server and we are hoping to replace it with a free or OSS solution. I've setup mailman before, but it is starting to show it's age in a bad way. One of the requirements is a web based management utility as we are hoping to delegate the management of individual lists off to different people. We are a mixed Windows + Linux shop, but would strongly prefer the latter.

Does anyone have any recommendations?

Edit: I guess I should have made this a bit clearer. I am looking for mailing list software not an announcement system. It should support discussion lists.


I would try Sympa. AFAIK it is very good with delegated management options.

Maybe even better than mailman's (I am not using it right now, so you have to try it yourself).

  • Sympa is also looking like a good candidate, I'll add it to my list thanks! – TrueDuality Oct 9 '09 at 15:14

Gentoo uses mlmmj for their mailing lists.

There is also the ever ubiquitous Wikipedia link of Mailing List softwares, including things like Majordomo and phplist

From a brief skim, either mlmmj or phplist would likely meet your needs.

  • mlmmj is looking very promising, although the documentation on their official web site is seriously lacking. phplist is a "one-way email announcement delivery system" which is not what I am looking for perhaps I should have clarified it as a discussion list. – TrueDuality Oct 9 '09 at 15:09

Lyris ListManager is popular among lots of list server admins. If you have under 200 people per list you can get away with the free version.


A good solution could be PHPList, some interesting features are:

  • Open/View Tracking tells you how many users opened your email message.
  • Click Tracking tracks links and URLs. Statistics can be viewed by message, URL or subscriber.
  • Templates are completely customizable, and make site integration a breeze.
  • The HTML Editor allows you to edit html messages from phplist using FCKeditor. TinyMCE is also available.

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