I am connected via SSH to a terminal server. On this server I am using

qemu-system-x86_64 ... -curses

to run a Command Line based operating system.

How can I terminate the virtual machine?

At the moment, the only option I have, is to open a second SSH console, and type

killall qemu-system-x86_64


Hit ALT-2 instead of CTRL-ALT-2, then type quit

This was already kind of answered over here


  • I had to type ESC+2 instead of ALT+2 – GalaxyCat105 Jan 20 at 3:45

What is the "command line based operating system" in use?

For example, if you are running FreeDOS, the command

fdapm poweroff

will gracefully power off the VM.

If the OS you are using does not have any power off commands, then using the qemu monitor may be the only option.


First press Ctrl+a then press c to get to qemu console then enter quit to exist.



If you are running with nographic options below option worked for me

step 1:

Cntrl + a

Step 2

press c

Step 3

write quit


Following key combination tells qemu to stop emulation and exit

Ctrl + a x

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