I have an Amazon EC2 VPC with private IP address range Two instances are in the VPC: alpha ( and bravo ( The alpha instance is running a pptp server with localip and remoteip

I want bravo ( to ping clients on the the alpha ( pptp subnet, For example if I connect to the VPN on my laptop, and my IP is, then bravo ( should be able to ping me.

This seems like a job for VPC routing tables. So I added an entry to the ec2 routing table: destination via instance-id of alpha. Traceroute to from bravo appears to go nowhere.

I am unable to ping from

Sanity checks: all security groups open to world... can ping between bravo and alpha via and

Is there an additional step I need to take after adding an entry to the VPC routing table?


EC2 (VPC) instances have an IP source/destination check enabled on their interfaces by default. For NAT instances, as well as configurations like the one you describe, this needs to be disabled for traffic to flow.


  • Thank you. Disabling that on both instances allows me to ping (i.e., the EC2 server running the VPN). However, I still cannot ping (the VPN client IP). From the VPN server instance, I was able to ping it after running sudo ip route add dev ppp0. However I cannot ping it from the other EC2 instance. – Miles Richardson Oct 21 '15 at 13:51
  • Or -- I suspect -- the client can't reply? The client needs a static route to the network over the tunnel, or needs to use the tunnel as its default gateway. – Michael - sqlbot Oct 21 '15 at 14:01

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