I have a Windows 2008 Hyper-V (6.1.7601.17514) host which has a guest VM running in Hyper-V. The guest had 2 snapshots created after software was originally installed on it.

At some point, someone has stopped the HyperV Virtual Machine Management service and deleted a folder containing the snapshot file, restarted the HyperV Virtual Machine Management service and resumed the machine from a paused state. The machine is currently running without issue.

While the machine is up and running and is in the state I would like it, the configuration for the VM obviously still references the deleted snapshots. If I right click on a snapshot in HyperV Manager and try to delete it, understandably I get the error

'The specified network resource or device is no longer available'.

When I look at the VM properties and look at the hard drive properties, I can see that it points at an avhd file. However, this cannot be edited because of the warning :

"Edit is not available because snapshots exist for this virtual machine. Do not use another method to edit the virtual hard disk when snapshots exist, such as the Edit Virtual Hard Disk Wizard, because data loss will occur."

I would like to get this VM into a state where I can cleanly remove the snapshot references and reboot the vm, but am concerned that because of the state it is currently in, a reboot will permanently break it.

How can I recover from this scenario?

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