I am running Windows server 2012 in a virtual machine under Debian Jessie.
I tried to follow the Red Hat tutorial in order to switch on the Virtio drivers:
1) I downloaded from Debian the virtio drivers; the current version of the virtio-win.iso is 0.1.110.
2) I shutdowned the vm. 3) I added a new CDROM in virt-manager for the vm. I attached the iso file.
4) I started the vm.
5) In device manager, under storage controllers, I installed a Red Hat Virtio SCSI controller by selecting in the attached CDROM the viostor for ws2012.
6) I shutdowned the vm.
7) In virt-manager, I removed the IDE disk and create a new one with the type virtio and with the same .img file.
8) I started the vm.
9) I have a BSOD :-(

What is wrong or what is missing in my procedure ? Hopes my question is clear ...

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