I am able to create a virtual drive on one of the RAID controllers, but that virtual drive is isolated to that RAID controller.

I setup four (4) eval RAID cards: LSI MegaRAID SAS 9271-8iCC + CacheVault Accessory Kit

I am using them in a DataON Cluster-In-A-Box (CiB-9470 4U 70 bay, Dual Node). Currently, I have two (2) MegaRAID controllers in each CiB node.

Each CiB node can see all 70 disks via their respective RAID controllers. Lets call them RAID Controller 0 & RAID Controller 1.

            RAID Controller 0  (35 Disks)
                            Port 0  -  Slot 0 – Slot 17
                            Port 1  -  Slot 18 – 34
            RAID Controller 1  (35 Disks)
                            Port 0  -  Slot 35 – Slot 52
                            Port 1  -  Slot 53 – Slot 69

I can only create a virtual drive using the disks on a single RAID controller. I am unable to create a virtual drive that spans both RAID controllers to take advantage of all 70 disks; Ex, 70 disk RAID 0.


Hardware RAID is managed at the controller level. You simply can't build a RAID volume using disks from different controllers. A controller can only see and manage disks to which it's actually connected.

You could use software RAID, depending on your O.S.; but there's just no way you can handle this at the controller level.


Fairly certain there is no such solution in hardware. Depending on your operating system, there might be ways in software. ZFS or storage pools come to mind.

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