Ok so I think I have this setup right but I just want to be sure. I have 3 IP address: also known as ns1 also known as ns2 also known as ns3

They are being used as NameServers for my server. I also dedicated them out to clients as follows. Shared Hosting with Multiple Clients My Sites all live here Client that requires a dedicated IP

Is there an issue or conflict with using my name server IP's and dedicating them to a specific site only?

Are they working as they should when a DNS request is processed for NS2 for customers who live on the NS1 IP?

Also I should specify that I have instructed my clients to use all 3 NameServers for their domains.


No there is no issue as a Dedicated IP setup is only for software E.G Apache 2. I quite often do this myself.

  • Awesome I thought so I just wanted to make sure it was not an issue and that I wasn't missing anything. Thank you. – Tyler Radlick Oct 22 '15 at 13:13

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