We are using Kubernetes and successfully running our apps. However with our pods running and no traffic our minions are running with high CPU. Looking into the issue further:

  • influxdb and heapster are running with high CPU, all of our containers are using 0% CPU, the box is at rest with a load of 8 on a dual core server...

  • Looking at the individual containers doesn't seem to yield any answers, the logs are quiet

Grafana lets me view charts but the charts are broken and not really making a lot of sense. Is there any way to just remove this functionality all together from Kuberentes?

Kubernetes v1.0.6 deployed on Ubuntu Vivid on AWS


If you'd like to do so on a running cluster you can scale the rc:

kubectl --namespace=kube-system scale rc monitoring-influxdb-grafana-v2 --replicas=0

  • My exact command was: kubectl --namespace=kube-system scale rc monitoring-influx-grafana-v1 --replicas=0 – four43 Nov 11 '15 at 22:40

Set ENABLE_CLUSTER_MONITORING=false env variable before creating the cluster. Relevant code here

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