I've got an HP DL380 G7 with the HP SAS Expander Card. The server has 16 internal drive bays, which are all populated. It also has an external SAS connector on the expander card.

I have an external 4-bay SAS rackmount enclosure that I'm looking to connect, so I can add 4 more drives (in another RAID). The documentation on the expander card indicates that it supports:

  • 24 internal drive bays plus external port for tape

Does this mean I can't connect 4 drivers to the external port?

The canonical user documentation on the card (at HardForum) indicates:

Q: How do I connect harddisks to the HP SAS Expander?
A: There are 9 ports total which can connect four harddisks each. The external SFF-8088 port is Port #1.

Which implies that you can connect drives to the external port. In fact, the word "tape" never shows up on the first page of the forum.

Can anyone confirm?

Update: I tried it, and it did not work.

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