I'm migrating from an HDD with NTFS that has a number of bad sectors.

I've just run chkdsk /r (from ERD 6.0 x32) on it to make sure they all are properly marked as such.

Yet, when running ntfsclone --save-image <...> without --rescue (from System Rescue CD 4.6.0), I get "the disk has N bad sectors" warning (which is fine) but then - ERROR: the disk is faulty <...>.

The questions are:

  • What does the error mean? Does it just mean that ntfsclone reads all the sectors (rather than only those containing data) regardless of the --save-image flag and bumped into the 1st bad one (so the user data is perfectly fine, and the backup with --rescue would still be sound) or that I've got yet another, unmarked bad sector?

  • If it's the former, can ntfsclone be directed to ignore marked bads and only choke on unmarked ones?


After a discussion with the developer, this proved to be a bug in ntfsclone and ntfsresize v2015.3.14: they are indeed supposed to be bypassing bad clusters, but don't do so if there are too many of them for the list to fit into a single block.

The developer provided a patch for the current release, ntfs-3g v2015.3.14, that's available on the above link.

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