I'm trying to setup an OpenVPN access for clients through a server A I own. But I want these clients to connect to another OpenVPN server on an host B, configured as client on A.

           OVPN                OVPN
[Client] -------> [Server A] -------> [Host B]
  tun0           tun0 -- tun1 --

Forwarding is allowed between the tun0 and tun1 interfaces. My initial idea was to push to the client the route to access, and use this address as a gateway, which would allow the clients to use services directly on as well as access the world through the host B.

However, OpenVPN on the client doesn't seem to run the necessary ip route add ... commands if I only do the following so it doesn't seem as easy:

push "route"
push "route-gateway"
push "redirect-gateway def1 bypass-dhcp"

Thanks for your help.

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