I'm creating a distributed virtual switch - each host has 2 physical NIC's each of which will map to an uplink port. I want to create uplink port groups so i can set up NIC teaming, I wanted to know if there were any best practices as to whether I should group physical NIC's from the same host into a dvuplink port group, or whether i should take physical NIC's from different hosts and group them.

So I would have either: DV Uplink 1 with vmnic0 and vmnic1 (from host 1) DV Uplink 2 with vmnic0 and vmnic1 (from host 2)


DV Uplink 1 with vmnic0 (host 1) and vmnic0 (host 2) DV Uplink 2 with vmnic1 (host 1) and vmnic1 (host 2)

Does it matter? Are there any best practices, and what considerations are there when more hosts are added?

Thanks in advance.

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