I am creating root and intermediate CA with easy-rsa using ./build-ca & ./build-inter commands consecutively. Now, I want my root ca as offline and I want my certs/keys signed by intermediate CA. I am generating cert/key using keytool. When I am signing them using root CA, It's working perfectly but when I am signing them using intermediate CA, I am getting following error (after step no:6 mentioned below): "keytool error: java.lang.Exception: Failed to establish chain from reply"

I am mentioning all commands of creating cert/key and signing them below.

  1. keytool -importcert -alias clusterCA -file root_ca.crt/intermediate_ca.crt -keystore clustertruststore -storepass

  2. keytool -genkeypair -alias node -keyalg RSA -keysize 2048 -keypass -keystore node.keystore -storepass -validity 365

  3. keytool -keystore node.keystore -alias node -certreq -file node.cert -storepass -keypass

  4. openssl x509 -req -CA root_ca.crt/intermediate_ca.crt -CAkey root_ca.key/intermediate_ca.key -in node.cert -out node.signed -days 365 -CAcreateserial

  5. keytool -keystore node.keystore -storepass -alias clusterCA -import -file root_ca.crt/intermediate_ca.crt -noprompt

  6. keytool -keystore node.keystore -storepass -alias node -import -file node.signed -keypass

  7. keytool -importkeystore -srckeystore node.keystore -destkeystore node.p12 -deststoretype PKCS12

  8. openssl pkcs12 -in node.p12 -nokeys -out node_cer.pem -passin pass:

  9. openssl pkcs12 -in node.p12 -nodes -nocerts -out node_key.pem -passin pass:

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