I need to concatenete a cd command with an ssh jump host:

:~$ ssh -tt -C -X user1@server ssh -tt -C -X user2@host "cd ~/my/work/directory ; bash"

but I get the following error:

bash: line 0: cd: /home/user1/my/work/directory: No such file or directory
Connection to host closed.

Seems that ssh try to move to /my/work/directory in the server machine. So I tried to substitue ~/ with the full path /home/user2 but, I get the same error:

Connection to host closed.

In both cases ssh bring me from the client home directory to the server home directory. I also tried to jump host in two different steps (client -> server server -> host) and it works. It seems that the cd step was done in the first ssh (client -> server) instead of the second one (server -> host).

Do you have any suggestion?


The first ssh is interpreting this as a list of two separate commands it should run. Your ssh session on server is first executing ssh -tt -C -X user2@host which exits immediately and then running cd ~/my/work/directory ; bash. What you need to do is quote the whole everything from the start of the second ssh to the end of the command so it gets treated as a single thing.

ssh -tt -C -X user1@server 'ssh -tt -C -X user2@host "cd ~/my/work/directory ; bash"'

That way when you ssh into server it will execute ssh -tt -C -X user2@host "cd ~/my/work/directory ; bash" as a whole command instead of breaking it into parts.

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