I've got 2 Ubuntu VMs on Azure (classic VMs on old management panel.) I created both of the under the same Cloud Service. I also created a load balanced endpoint 80 (public) to 80 (private) with both machines having this endpoint, protocol HTTP and probe path /probe.

When I browse to the IP of the cloudservice with both of the VMs running I get the response I am expecting.

If I shut down VM 2 and keep VM 1 running it still works, but when I shut down VM 1 and leave VM 2 I get a connection failure in the browser.

I've played around and VM2 is never getting any traffic directed to it. I have an endpoint on my app /probe which returns a non-cacheable response of status 200 for the Load Balancer probes. I tried testing them on the VMs by calling

wget localhost/probe

I tried this on both machines and get the correct output only when VM1 is running. When VM 1 is off and I run this command on VM 2 it fails to connect to the address. I think this is where the issue lies but can't figure out how to fix it.


I added logging to the applications and it only ever seems to be probing the first virtual machine.


I had to add a Load Balanced endpoint on both virtual machines in the Azure Management Panel. Very silly mistake .

Also each virtual machine needs to have a valid endpoint, for me it was <address>/healthcheck. All this endpoint needs to do is always return a non-cache-able response with status 200. Nothing else is needed, Azure Internal Load balancer handles the rest.

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